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VINBORT 200 ml - Stain removal without washing -

VINBORT 200 ml - Stain removal without washing -

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Effectively and quickly removes wine, coffee, tea and berry stains without having to wash your clothes or textiles.

Gently bleaches wine, coffee, tea and berry stains on textiles. Used with advantage on clothes but also on furniture textiles and carpets. A smart set to avoid unnecessary washing. Perfect in the car, caravan or boat, a real savior in times of need that keeps your textiles fresh.

Do this:
Shake the bottle well. Spray with even pressure along the outer edge of the stain and towards its center, then leave on until dry. If a hint of the stain remains, repeat the treatment until the stain is gone. Can also be used as pre-treatment of particularly difficult stains before washing. On sensitive materials, a test in a hidden place should be done.

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