We offer smart products and clothing care tips for a sustainable future for your clothes and textiles.

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Give new life to your garments and textiles - let your favorite garments last LONGER

We have put together a starter kit with useful, effective clothing care products, perfect for those of you who want to care for and take care of your clothes and textiles. Pimple comb, velvet brush, clothing care roll and anti-static spray.

Pick comb, wool comb; effectively removes piles and felts on your knitted garments and textiles.

Velvet brush, lint brush; gently and easily removes dust and fluff from your garments and textiles. The rotatable velvet surface means that the brush can be easily used by both right- and left-handed people.

Clothes care roll including two refills; removes dust, fluff and hair from heavily soiled textiles.

Antistat spray; counteracts static electricity in textiles. The spray demagnetizes textiles so that dirt and dust are repelled. Also gives the garment a nice and natural fall.

Air, pick and remove fluff if necessary.

Let your favorite garments last a long time.

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