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Stain remover removes food, grease and make-up stains without having to wash your clothes or textiles. Good for both the environment and the wallet.

The spray effectively dissolves stains and, when it dries, forms a powder that can be easily brushed away without damaging textiles or paints. A smart set to avoid unnecessary washing and a real savior in times of need.

Do this:
Shake the bottle well. Spray the product in a circle from the outer edge of the stain towards its center. Leave on until a powder forms, then brush off the powder. When treating larger stains, you can advantageously use a vacuum cleaner to remove the formed powder. If necessary, then wash the garment if there are any remaining traces of the stain. On sensitive materials, a test in a hidden place should be done.


  • 200 ml
  • contains various organic solvents
  • sort as metal waste

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