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MOTH PROTECTION MOTH TRAP - against clothes moth non-toxic

MOTH PROTECTION MOTH TRAP - against clothes moth non-toxic

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Very effective clothes moth trap perfect for the closet or hall. Self-adhesive trap with a large sticky surface with a specific pheromone that attracts male moths. The cleanest, safest and most natural insecticide-free way to prevent and solve problems with clothes moth infestations on clothes in your wardrobe.

It has a large sticky surface that the male moths stick to when they fly up to the trap.

A natural and non-toxic product.

Do this:

Place the trap on a closet door or wall (but always vertically) with the adhesive strip on the back, provided the surface is smooth and clean. Make sure it doesn't touch the clothes (which can get dirty with glue). Activate the trap by removing the protective film. Replace after 90 days, or sooner if it fills up too much with moth. Even if there is no ongoing infestation, the trap can be placed as a preventative measure.

Operating principle:

The specific pheromone, clearly visible in the center of the sticky surface, attracts and traps males and prevents the females from breeding and spreading these insects in the closet.

Each pack contains two traps.

Size 12.5x15.8x0.7

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