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Clothes care tips: Wool & Cashmere

Wool and cashmere are delicate materials that require special care to preserve their shape and color.

It is important to remove stains on woolen garments and never put used garments in the wardrobe to avoid moth infestation. Use our stain remover spray that removes stains immediately without the need to wash, quickly and effectively.

To make sure you don't get moths, a tip is to set up moth traps, then you can see immediately if you have moths. Also put moth protection in wardrobes and drawers because it's really not fun to be attacked by moths.

  • You can wash your wool garments both in a machine or hand wash, if there is a wool program on your washing machine, use it otherwise wash by hand. Wash your garments with Care for Clothes WOOL & SILK SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER, two unique products that work together, they prevent felting, shrinkage and color bleeding.
  • Wash your wool and cashmere garments gently without wringing or scrubbing, gently squeezing out any remaining water.
  • Do you have Care for Clothes CONDITIONER in the last rinse water NOTE! should not be rinsed out.
  • Place your wool garment on a towel and roll it up gently to remove excess water, then allow to dry flat. You can tumble your wool and cashmere garments gently, but take them out of the tumbler when they are still damp and then hang them on an inflatable hanger.
  • If you need to strengthen your wool garments, use a low heat setting and place a damp cloth or cotton fabric between the strength core and the garment to avoid direct contact.
  • Store your wool and cashmere garments folded as they easily lose their shape if they hang. Lay out by following these guidelines you can extend the life of your wool and cashmere garments and preserve their softness and quality. Care and attention are key when it comes to these materials.