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Clothes care tips: Stain removal

Since every wash wears clothes and textiles, it is very important not to wash unnecessarily. We at Care for Clothes have developed smart, gentle products that remove stains on textiles quickly and easily without washing or water. You can use Fläck and Vinbort on clothes, furniture, carpets, in the car, boat or caravan, yes on all types of textiles, even on sensitive materials such as silk, wool and cashmere.

It is always important to try to remove stains immediately. If you have washed a garment and there are stains left after washing, those stains can be difficult to remove. It is important to remove and treat stains before washing your clothes and textiles.

STAIN REMOVER for grease, make-up and food stains
1. Gently remove excess on the stain
2. Shake the bottle
3. Spray in a circle from the outer edge of the stain towards the center
4. Leave to work and dry until a white powder is formed
5. Brush off the powder and the stain is gone
6. Old stubborn stains may need repeated treatments

Can also be used as pre-treatment of particularly difficult stains before washing. On sensitive materials, a test in a hidden place should be done.
WINE BART for stains from berries, wine, tea and coffee
Shake the bottle well. Spray with even pressure along the outer edge of the stain and towards the center, then leave to act until dry. If a hint of the stain remains, repeat the treatment until the stain is gone.

STAIN WIPE - on the go
Our stain wipe works on all types of stains and is a real savior in an emergency that you can always have at hand, practical and easy.