We offer smart products and clothing care tips for a sustainable future for your clothes.

Clothes care tips: Wash Right

Do not wash unnecessarily and when you do wash, it is important not to overdose on detergent. It is also important to use special detergents when washing wool, cashmere and silk. If you wash in a machine, remember to fill up the machine and do not wash at too high a temperature. Our special detergent wool & silk shampoo can be used both for machine washing and when you wash by hand.


  1. Read washing instructions.
  2. Do not wash unnecessarily.
  3. Do not wash at too high a temperature.
  4. Sort the laundry by color and material, white laundry, colored laundry, fine laundry.
  5. Do not overdose detergent, follow the dosage instructions.
  6. Use a laundry bag when you wash delicate garments, it protects the textile.
  7. Close zippers and close buttons.

By following our washing tips, you can increase the lifespan of your clothes and save energy at the same time. Washing correctly is a simple way to take care of your clothes and reduce environmental impact.