Fiberskyddande tvätt och sköljmedel


WOOL & SILK SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER are effective and gentle special detergents and fiber-protecting rinse agents that renew and provide a natural protective layer on WOOL, CASHMERE and SILK. Preserves colors, prevents shrinkage, wear and felting. Free from enzymes (which are often found in detergents and wear your clothes unnecessarily).

For washing in temperatures from 20 degrees C. Works great for both machine and hand wash.

Use WOOL & SILK SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER in combination for a fantastic result. It is very important to protect your delicate garments throughout the washing process, including during the rinsing phase.

Unique washing results

  • Fiber protecting and caring
  • Preserves colors
  • Prevents shrinkage and color bleeding
  • Enzyme-free
  • For washing from 20 degrees C

Do this:

Wash your garments with Wool & silk shampoo by hand or on a special program in a washing machine. Add ' WOOL & SILK SHAMPOO' to the detergent compartment and ' WOOL & SILK CONDITIONER ' to the rinse compartment of your washing machine. When hand washing, add in the final rinse.

Recommended dosage 20 - 30 ml per garment.

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